How to start a blog In India

So, now that you have decided on a subject area that you are skilled enough and have a passion for, you are on your way to learning How to Start a Blog In India and make a fortune online in 2022. Correct? Don’t worry, this detailed guide is specially dedicated to those who are trying to build an online presence to make them aware of the step by step process of creating a blog in India. so let’s get started.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I get compensated when you buy hosting using my affiliate link, which helps make this guide free for you. Please note that I only recommend products and services that I have personally used, and found to be worth it.

How to Start a Blog In India?

Naturally, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of starting your blog is whether you should use a free online platform or create a blog on the most popular CMS like WordPress and host it on the world’s most trusted web hosting service provider like Bluehost. Right? Well, this is the most asked question among new bloggers and is clearly logical as no one wants to invest in the early stage of a new career, especially because of the uncertainty along the way and maybe due to a tight budget.

Why are free online platforms not suitable for a long term business perspective?

A free blogging site, however, allows you to experiment without creating financial stress. It’s a great way to get creative and find your own way to connect with your audience without spending anything other than your own time. Before going deep into how to start blogging in India, let’s take a look at what are the Cons of using free online platforms and why they are not best suited for a serious business from a long term perspective:

  1. You are not the owner of the blog.
  2. Bad domain and URL structure.
  3. Domain redirection is not easy.
  4. Building backlinks and authority is difficult.
  5. Less customization of your theme.
  6. Difficulty uploading other media files.
  7. No access to plugins at all.
  8. Monetizing your blog is difficult.
  9. You cannot have 2 Adsense accounts
  10. Slow updates and poor support.
  11. No access to FTP.
  12. You have no control over the fate of your blog.

This is why I recommend only self-hosted WordPress to start blogging in India, especially if you want to touch the hearts of your readers, make money blogging and eventually build a business around your blog. Why? Because WordPress gives you the greatest potential to grow as a free blogging site, without forcing you to migrate your site immediately after starting as is the case with free blogging sites.

Why choose WordPress to start a blog?

WordPress which is powered and managed by is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, with millions of bloggers (including me) using it every day to create, modify and maintain their blogs. The latest online statistics show that over 65% of blogs run on WordPress, including popular names such as Forbes, New York Observer, TED, Thought Catalog, TechCrunch, NBC, and more.

But to get the most out of WordPress, you need an excellent hosting service like Bluehost because your web host plays an important role when it comes to the reliability, security and optimum functioning of your site. Thus, if you want a complete answer on how to start blogging in India, think about none other than WordPress, managed and hosted by Bluehost.

Why Choose Bluehost as Your Preferred Host?

As you are just starting out, chances are, you have no idea what web hosting is and what features would best suit your needs when creating a blog. So, the question is, why not start with a hosting provider that is most popular and trusted among the blogger’s community? This way you will save your time and energy and hopefully one day you will be on your way to joining the blogger’s community. Well, let’s move on.

Bluehost is the cheapest and 100% reliable among the top 5 web hosting companies in the hosting world and is best suited for new bloggers or website owners. It hosts over 2 million websites across the web and has been officially recommended by since 2005.

If we go with the statistics and hope that you are serious in your business, then Bluehost is the way to go as it gives you the highest value you will pay for hosting. To find out why Bluehost is the best fit for your hosting needs, you can check out my exclusive ‘Bluehost web hosting review‘ or my detailed guide on ‘Bluehost for WordPress‘.

Bluehost India

Servers are the backbone of every website, and Bluehost always strives to provide the best quality hosting products and services to ensure that their customers can run their business seamlessly. They have introduced their newly launched shared and WordPress hosting in India for native customers, specially designed for speed. Their India hosting servers aim to provide 10x faster website load times to boost your website conversions and improve SEO rankings.

Bluehost India is the latest version of US-based Bluehost hosting services. It was recently introduced by Endurance International Group (EIG) to provide local hosting services to local Indians. The idea is that the India server location will give you the best server performance if your target audience is native Indian or you are serving an Indian audience while you live in India.

And hence Bluehost Indian version has been one of the best hosting solutions ever since it was established in India. Both US and the Indian versions offer excellent service, reliability, support and security. However, Bluehost India excels in some important features like site speed, loading time, and online support.

Bluehost equally offers PHP 7.0, 1-year free domain, free premium Cloudflare CDN and a free SSL certificate to all its users for such an affordable price (₹179/mo*). If you have decided to start a blog right away, don’t think much and just get started with Bluehost India and start enjoying all the exciting features along with excellent online support.

Benefits of Bluehost India Hosting

One of the most important things that affect the loading time of your blog or website is the geographic location of your server. For example, although the “.in” domain is suitable for businesses that target the Indian market, it is equally important for such websites to have an India-based IP address. Although foreign hosting companies provide top-notch domains to target different geographic markets, as a business, you end up with a foreign IP, which ultimately affects your website’s SEO ranking. The image below shows how a delay in page loading times can have a huge impact on your business.

Therefore, if most of your website visitors reside in India, you should choose a data centre located in or near India for faster website load times. Fast website load speeds affect the user experience, as well as the search visibility of your website on search engines. Here are the three major benefits of choosing Bluehost India Hosting.

1. Up to 10x faster servers

A fast loading website helps in increasing your customer conversion rate and user experience. Thus, the closer your server is to your customers, the faster your website will load.

2. Improve SEO Ranking

Website load speed directly affects the SEO ranking of your website. If most of your customers are in or near India, then an Indian IP and fast loading website will improve your SEO ranking.

3. Easy-to-use Bluehost Builder

Our India servers have an easy-to-use Bluehost WordPress builder inbuilt. It provides a drag-n-drop visual interface with access to hundreds of stunning images to create a highly functional, beautiful website that loads up to 10x faster.

If you still have a little doubt about considering Bluehost as your preferred hosting provider to start your WordPress blog, I would like you to check out my detailed guide on ‘Bluehost web hosting review‘ and ‘Bluehost for WordPress‘ so that you can rest assured before making a decision.

Step#1: Click here to head over to Bluehost i.e.

Hopefully, you are firm on your decision to start building a WordPress blog with Bluehost after taking an in-depth look at my detailed Bluehost review. So let’s get started by taking our first step now and hit the black ‘get started’ button to see the types of hosting and their prices as shown in the image above.

Step#2: Choosing the Right Hosting Type

WordPress hosting is designed to host websites that are using WordPress as a content management system (CMS). Known for its speed, reliability, and enhanced security, WordPress hosting allows you to focus on your content, while the host handles all the technical server details. A subset of this is managed WordPress hosting which, as its name implies, is entirely managed by the host and is best suited for businesses with higher-than-normal traffic. I would not recommend it as the plan is unreasonably expensive upon renewal.

Shared hosting is usually meant for small blogs or websites, and is one of the most popular hosting types among new bloggers and website owners due to being the most affordable and very user-friendly. If your website doesn’t require many resources or server optimization, shared hosting may be the right solution for your hosting needs and your gateway to the online world as millions of bloggers (including me) have made their online journey with this popular hosting type. So, just click on the ‘Learn More’ button to see the different types of shared hosting plans and their pricing.

Step#3: Choosing the Right Hosting Plan

BASIC: The Basic plan as the name suggests is the Starter shared hosting plan and is also the cheapest shared hosting option. If you are a beginner or someone who is just getting started with WordPress and is looking for a reliable yet affordable hosting plan, a basic hosting plan is a surefire way to go.

The only drawback with this plan is that you can only install 1 website on your hosting account, you will get limited features and you will have to upgrade it sooner or later once you have enough traffic. Apart from that, you will get almost everything you need to set up 1 website and keep it running smoothly.

PLUS: Bluehost’s ‘Plus’ plan is an affordable yet highly futuristic shared hosting plan. This plan includes all the features from the basic hosting plan with unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, subdomains, and databases. If you want to set up unlimited sites then a shared hosting plan is just for you. The disadvantage is that you have to buy some add-ons and hence, you will have to pay more when you are on your way to growing your business.

CHOICE PLUS: If you prefer WordPress as your preferred CMS and are looking for an incredible hosting solution, then you should definitely sign up for this plan. You will get all the features from the Plus plan along with a site backup option, domain privacy and free SEO tools to help you grow your business without any stress.

I always recommend choosing the “Choice Plus – 36 Months Price – ₹ 279/Month” plan which gives the most value for the money you will pay for hosting. You’ll have an additional domain security feature that protects your personal information from being online and free automatic daily backups that are a vital requirement for any site.

Features included with the Choice plan are:

  1. Install Unlimited Websites
  2. Get Unmetered Website Space and Bandwidth
  3. Free SSL
  4. 1 FREE domain (for the first year)
  5. Unlimited Parked Domains and Subdomains
  6. Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Storage
  7. $200 Worth Marketing Offer
  8. 1 Spam Expert
  9. 1 Domain Privacy
  10. Site Backup Included

So, without any confusion, just hit the ‘Select’ button to register your domain as shown in the image below.

Step#4: Register your own Domain Name

Done? Great, now is the time to choose your domain name based on the niche of your blog i.e. the subject area you are going to blog about or the name that defines your business. Here you have three options to choose from:

1. Create a new domain: If you have already decided on a domain name, you can simply proceed with the first option. Simply enter your name in the box and click ‘Next’. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your domain name available right away on the very first try. Otherwise, you’ll have to modify your name a bit to make it work in a few more tries. It is not easy to decide on a perfect name and be sure of its availability. It will take time and you have to be patient here.

2. Use a domain you own: You may have already registered your name. In that case, simply enter your registered domain name in the correct box and click ‘Next’. In this case, you do not need to register a new domain with Bluehost. Ok?

3. I’ll create my domain later: This is the option you can choose when you’re not really able to decide on the right name or find your preferred name available out there. All you need to do is click on ‘I will create my domain later’ to go to the next page.

This is a popup window that will appear when you hover over the page for a long time while choosing your preferred domain name and checking its availability. You can simply click ‘Close’ to get rid of this popup window. Now, after either entering your pre-registered domain, deciding on your preferred name or choosing to create it later, you will be taken to the next page to check your domain availability and create your Bluehost account.

How to decide on a perfect domain name?

Following are some important tips that will help you find the right domain name for your blog.

  1. Use the correct domain name extension (.com, .org, .net)
  2. Your name should be more brandable than usual.
  3. keep it as short as possible
  4. Make sure your name is easy to type
  5. Make sure your name is easy to pronounce
  6. Avoid hyphens and numbers if possible
  7. Consider using “niche” keywords that represent your site
  8. Check if it is not a trademark or has already been used
  9. Use a Domain Name Generator when you’re stuck

Note that a brandable domain name is unique and different from the competition, whereas a generic domain name is usually full of keywords and words that are easy to forget. So make sure you are more specific when choosing a domain name.

Step#5: Create your Bluehost account:

Here you need to complete the signup process by connecting your Google account with Bluehost. To do so, just click on ‘Sign in with Google’ to choose your preferred email ID and you can see how things get easier. Or, you can also fill in your personal details like- your name, address, phone number and email id etc. Also, make sure to provide your newly updated email ID as this is where you will receive your login credentials and your account details.

If you are not fed up yet and are ready to put in a little more effort, I would recommend that you fill in all the details in person, so that you can rest assured that you are filling in the correct information without making any mistakes. Also, it is not always a good practice to share your personal Gmail account password everywhere online.

Step#6: Choosing the Right package

This is where you’ll choose a plan to lock in the best value for maximum benefits and see how much you’ll pay upfront. Note that Bluehost ‘Choice Plus’ plans come in 12-, 24- and 36-month packages and they offer no monthly subscription (the hosting companies that offer them charge a bit more). It is also worth noting that choosing a long-term plan is always beneficial and budget-friendly. To be sure, you can check the prices offered in different periods.

Personally, I recommend choosing “Choice Plus 36 Months Price – ₹279/month” if you want to lock in the lowest possible price you are willing to pay for hosting. That’s what I use. You’ll be stress-free for three years with free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, free domain privacy, and free daily backups. And since this reduced price for new customers only applies to the first payment you make, your value will be locked in for three years if you choose the 36-month price.

Step#7: Choosing the Right Package Extra

Bluehost usually has a lot of premium add-ons that you may not need right away, so be sure to uncheck them before making the final purchase. I recommend keeping the domain privacy protections extra, but you can skip the rest if you choose a plan other than “Choice Plus.” The total you will see now is the amount you are going to pay to complete the purchase including all taxes. Don’t worry, if things don’t turn out as you expected, you are free to break the deal and get your refund as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Step#8: Complete the Payment

I am sure as a new customer you will be surprised to see huge discounts of over 50-60% off with this great deal. You are now in the final step of completing your purchase. To ensure that you agree to the Bluehost Terms of Service, please check (✓) the correct box before pressing the green ‘Submit’ button.

Clicking on the ‘Submit’ button will take you to the payment page where you will see several options to choose the one that suits you. If you need any help, they are always ready to serve you as you can see in the popup window. As soon as you complete the payment, your Bluehost account details will be sent to the email ID that you select during the signup process.

All is done?

Wow! It’s time to have a mini celebration. 😀
As you have officially completed the first big step of starting a blog.

Remember that this was just the first step you just completed. Everything from here will help you learn how to make your well-optimized blog or website live on the internet so that you can start creating content to attract readers or design layouts to make it look great.

Final Verdict on How to Start a Blog in India:

Build a blog using the most popular CMS like WordPress and get it hosted by the most trusted hosting provider like Bluehost. Other steps include- optimizing your blog, creating valuable content, promoting your blog to gain readers and monetizing your blog. As we have completed the first important step, it is time to move on to the next step, which is learning how to install WordPress with Bluehost and customize your WordPress blog.

This is possible only if your blog is updated regularly and you stay connected with your readers more often. If you want people to read what you write, you have to give them a reason for it. To make it second nature, you just need to write exciting content, connect with people in your niche and keep enthusiastically sharing what you are working on and traffic, monetization and everything else will happen automatically.

I wrote this guide because starting a blog has been one of the most challenging endeavours of my life and I wanted to share my experience with everyone like you to help learn it more conveniently. I hope, by now you are confident enough to start your own blog. For added fun, you can check out my Best Content and Blog section or you can click here to read my previous lesson.

Thank you for being with me till the end of this article. If you have any doubts regarding starting a blog through Bluehost, please don’t forget to mention them in the comment box below and I will try to solve them as soon as possible. Ok? Hope to see you soon in upcoming posts. Until then – have a nice day.