How to Change Fonts in WordPress

How to change fonts in WordPress‘ usually comes to your mind when you are about to create content for your blog. When you start writing a blog post, naturally you want it to look great and here is what you need to customize the fonts to achieve your writing goals. Correct? Well, in this detailed guide I have compiled some of the easiest ways how you can customize your WordPress font setting to be used as per your writing needs.

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The font size setting plays an important role in customizing your pages and you might not be enjoying the default font setting in your WordPress blog. So, let’s talk about how you can change the font size on your WordPress blog. When you’re just getting started with blogging, changing font settings can be a bit technical if you don’t know exactly what to do.

With all the progress WordPress has made to make blogging widely accessible and easy for everyone to learn, this is an essential gap that needs to be filled. It is still not easy to figure out and there is no direct way to change your font size in WordPress to suit your taste and design. Don’t worry, we’ll study them all and show you the best ways to optimize your font settings without negatively impacting your blog’s SEO and site readability.

How to Change Fonts in WordPress?

I have extracted four different ways through which you can properly customize the font setting in your WordPress blog:

  1. Customizing Your Theme Settings, 2. Creating a design system using a page builder, 3. Using Custom CSS, and 4. Installing the WordPress Fonts Plugin.

Customizing Your Theme Settings

I think this is one of the easiest ways to customize the font size setting in your WordPress blog. If you are using a good WordPress theme, there should be an easy way to change the site-wide font size in your theme settings. You just need to check and see if your WordPress theme gives you that option. To do so, simply navigate to Appearance and then theme Options.

Appearance–>Theme Options—>Typography

Once you’re there, look for menu options that clearly indicate the ability to control the visual style of your blog. You’ll see words like “styling” and “typography” used to perform this action. You can take reference from the screenshot below:

Changing the font size directly in your WordPress theme options is the best, safest and most sustainable way to do this. You can also adjust the size of any font you use in your blog—from the body text to each of your headers. Just be aware that your font size can dramatically affect how easy your blog’s content is to read. If you go too small with your font size, it can alienate some of your readers, who either have problems with small fonts or have a visual impairment.

Creating a Design System Using Page Builder

You can customize your design system and make font settings when building your pages using a well-known page builder like Elementor. It is a simple and intuitive front-end editor packed with features that can easily edit the page of your choice. You can create and save your own custom layouts and designs to use over and over again to create other Pages and thus no matter what your posts look like when drafted, it will always be reflected in the design of your Pages.

To create a design system, you need to go to the Pages, click Edit, and then click ‘Edit with Elementor’. Here you can see three parallel bars in the top left corner. Just click on it and then click on ‘Site Settings. Here you can control ‘Global font’ for font size and ‘Typography for the type of font or other settings’. Once finished, simply click ‘Update’ to save the settings.

Using Custom CSS to Change Font Size


You can contact the developer of your theme or review their support documentation before using custom CSS to change font size unless you have experience with CSS as this is where things get technical. Navigate to your theme’s website or the WordPress listing in their theme directory. Scroll down the page until you see the “View support forum” button, and then click on it. This is where you can browse through questions submitted and answered by other theme users.

Although you can probably expect a quick turnaround on the question asked directly on the theme company’s website. Either way, chances are high that there’s a setting somewhere within your WordPress theme to change your font size – and the right help article or explanation from your theme’s support team may be exactly what you need. Now, what if you didn’t find a proper solution? Ok, then I would suggest you change the subject.

There are two free WordPress themes that I highly recommend and I use 1. Hello from Elementor and 2. Astra Theme. If you have never worked with CSS before, switching WordPress themes is a better option than changing font size with CSS. Now, if you are not ready to change the font size using CSS or with theme options, just navigate to Appearance and then Customize.

Because I’m not a developer, I prefer to add CSS rules to my blog via the “Additional CSS” area in the “Customize” section of my appearance settings rather than editing the actual CSS file for the entire site. Once you’re in, find the menu item for “Additional CSS” and click on it. If you have any custom CSS already added to your theme, you will see it here:

Here you will enter your new CSS rules. If you want to change the font size of all paragraph text from

to 16px for example, you can add in the following CSS rule: 16px or whatever font size you want your paragraph text to be – and you’re done. Before publishing, be sure to preview the font size change in the preview area where you just added the CSS rule to ensure you are getting your desired result. Finally, you’re ready to hit Publish and set your font size changes live.

Installing a WordPress Font Plugin (such as Advanced Editor Tools)

The ultimate way to change the font size on your WordPress blog is to use a plugin that has been specially designed for this purpose. The best free plugin to accomplish this is Advanced Editor Tools (Previously called TinyMCE), which makes it very easy to adjust the font size within an individual post or page during the editing/writing process.
Here’s a screenshot of all the new editing options that get added to your content editor once TinyMCE is installed—including the ability to change the font size:

I’ve listed this option last because plugins serve us to get the job done at the expense of our site’s performance. This increases the amount of code that needs to be loaded on each page, and thus your pages take longer to load which is not an ideal blog SEO best practice. In addition to worrying about code bloat, TinyMCE can be a bit overwhelming for new bloggers who don’t have much behind-the-scenes experience in WordPress. It adds a lot of new options, and features and can drastically change the visual layout of your content editor.


The easiest, safest and most sustainable way to change the font size on your WordPress blog is to adjust it in your theme settings or customize your design system with a page builder like Elementor.
If your WordPress theme doesn’t have this option, I highly recommend getting a newer theme like ‘Hello Elementor’ or ‘Astra’.

Remember though, getting a more robust WordPress theme will always be your best move if the one you are currently using doesn’t support changing the font size. Finally, you might consider adding a new CSS rule that defines a new font size for paragraph text or specific headings. But if that’s too technical for you – go with a WordPress plugin like TinyMCE, which will easily add font size options to your content editor.

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Which method did you like the most about changing fonts in WordPress? Please feel free to ask in the comment box below and I will be more than happy to help you in this regard. Thanks for reading this article on my blog here.